Wednesday, June 4, 2008


While Jon is known all over the place as a gazelle, cheetah, speed demon or crazy person who runs way to fast - it is a little known fact that Ashley also has some names. Mostly a try-athlete. You may be thinking I thought that was supposed to be tri-athlete - well it is if you are good and you train. For me I feel it better describes me to say try-athlete. I will try anything at least once, sometimes talked into a few things more than once.

In college I participated in a marathon b/c Jon told me I would never understand what "the wall" was when running. All you have to do is tell that I will never... and for some unknown reason I feel required to prove people wrong. So I set about "training" for that marathon my last semester of college - let's just say I finished it wasn't pretty or fast - actually 2 times as long as it takes Jon to run but I proved him wrong!
Then came the bike ride - or did it come before - who knows but I rode 25 miles on my bike with Jon for the Waco Wild West - he has sense gone on to ride the whole 100 miles with our friend Joel.

Two years ago my friend Lisa asked me to run 1/2 marathon with her - I did b/c I am always up for doing random things but I bet at mile 10 when I was crying Lisa was wishing she didn't have me as her partner - yes tears - I was in pain and the people running the full marathon were beginning to pass us.

Well this year was the triathlon that is right - swim, bike and then run. Once again I finished nothing amazing but a finish is good enough for me. Jon does things to win - me just to finish. This phenomenon is probably b/c he has the ability (and discipline) to win while I am a bum and don't put in enough hours of training to win - but I am ok with that! Here are a few photos of the amazing event. My friend and college roomie came to cheer me on!

Since we are moving to Alaska maybe I should start preparing for the Iditarod!!

Or maybe just stick with teams sports - but that wouldn't be a fun story now would it


Debbie said...

Wow, you're my hero, Ashley Head McP!

I could NEVER do any of that. And if you're a bum, then I don't even want to know what that makes me!

Hibak said...

im sooo impressed...i dont know what u mean by try-athlete i can name a dozen or more college athletes that cant do that..including myself :) i've been working on getting the courage to run a 10K :)