Sunday, June 29, 2008

Glacier Blue

We have gone "glacier climbing" while geocaching the past few days. This is when we have to use our Glacier Blue Honda CRV as a way to get high enough to find the cache. What Honda you ask? This one -
One of the many changes over the past few weeks was the process of selling our 2 vehicles in order to get 1 reliable car for Alaska. The car and the van had 115,000 each and were over 8 years old and we didn't feel like taking them to Alaska for Murphy's Law to take into effect when Jon gets deployed next spring. So we got a Glacier Blue all wheel drive Honda CRV as our only car right now. So far the week that we have been a one car family hasn't been so bad. This weekend we moved into our friend's Adam and Lisa Sealey's guest bedroom. We will see how being a one car family works living farther from where we both work. We might break down and use Adam's truck that he has offered if we are unable to manage and get along.
(SIDENOTE) The Sealey's have been some of our best friends in Waco these past 4 years we have been in lifegroup together. I have managed to break a few things at their house - I seem to become more clutzy at their house than anyother time. So far I have managed to only explode ketchup all over the kitchen and Adam. Even knowing that they are letting us live with them for a month - my goal is to leave not having broken anything (or at least repairable).
Back to Glacier Climbing - Adam has gone with Jon and I on our caching this weekend all over Waco. We have a goal of finding more than 100 before we leave Waco as of tonight we have 46 under our belts with 19 coming in the past 2 days. The caches can be anywhere not just in Waco. This is just a fun goal we set for ourselves and will do all in our power to reach it!!!
(for your viewing enjoyement):
Ashley under a bridge and Jon in the woods finding caches.

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