Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Baylor and Geocaching

What does Baylor have to do with geocaching you ask? - A lot - like 9 logs in one night!! There are a ton of caches around the campus and we went and found a few on Monday.
We have challenged Thomas Roten and Katilin McPherson (soon to be Roten) to a geocache WAR!!! The first to geocache in 50 states will be getting a nice (to be decided) prize.
Well we also decided to have a few mini-wars with them also like most geocaches, most over-seas, etc. so that we can each win in at least one category!!
This past weekend we all got Texas and Oklahoma together so the Roten's are winning since they also have gotten a few in Virgina but NOT FOR LONG!!! We go to D.C. to visit family next weekend and if I have my way we will get some more East Coast Caches under our belts.
Geocaching is a nice way to find random hot spots in towns you visit - they try and hide them in places that people should visit - we have seen some fun places since we started and I can't wait to start in Alaska. It is amazing to think these were hidden all over campus while I was at school and didnt' even know about them.
Hope everyone is having a great Wednesday - Jon and I are going to Chipotle's tonight b/c in Waco it is a sneak peak and they are giving away 3,000 burriots today!!! Who can pass up a burrito with 1,200 calories for FREE????

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Bert Burt said...

You must win the Geocache War to preserve your status as champions! It should give you an extra reason to visit each state and something to do when you do visit. Looking forward to your visit and spending time doing some fun things before you guys head off to Alaska. Hope your burrito was good and calorie-free!