Tuesday, June 10, 2008


This is what happens when you send Jon to camp - he turns into Petey. This is an alter-ego that was created for our trip to Germany 2 years ago. He and our friend play Timmy and Petey two boys who cause mischief and always mess up what we are trying to teach the kids.
Camp was great!! We had tons of fun, sun and food and the kids really responded to God this past weekend.
I had a blast with my 14 second grade girls and there was never a dull moment - or a moment without a question of some sort. Luckily they are not of the age to think of pulling pranks but man do they like to talk. I think some of them talked non-stop from 6:45 am - 11pm yep they got up at 6:45 - all the other campers seemed to sleep in but my cabin - lucky me!


Hibak said...
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Bert Burt said...

Does the Army know about Petey? If not I would recommend you keep him as your little secret until after getting put on active duty (:>