Thursday, June 26, 2008

Pictures from our Camping in AK

Starting out - 4 happy campers prepared to hike through mountains and rivers.

Our first water crossing to take off our boots and test out the water shoes. Still fun at this point. I ate some moldy beef jerky - who knew the stuff could mold? Especially since we just bought it - way to go Jon - but maybe it was penicillin I needed to keep me going???

Yep - this was our source of clean fresh water for the weekend! Yummy - don't worry we only got water from the faster moving areas where dead fish were not just laying around.

4 happy campers again!! Showered, done hiking and on our way to On the Border for chips and salsa.
While this was really the misadventures of the Miller's and McPherson's I really wouldn't trade it for anything. It was rough and bad but the memories are worth it!!! It is nice to have friends that don't hate you after you talking them into a "sermon illustration" weekend. That is what I like to call bad/rough things from know on b/c I am sure Jon will be able to use it in a sermon somewhere!!
Off to make some more "sermon illustrations" tomorrow as the military packers come and take away all our things.


kjsonntag said...

you look so outdoorsy! i guess you will need practice on that being in the wildness of alaska. well, when i imagine it, it seems wild. but you will have to keep me posted on that. when do you guys actually move!?

Bert Burt said...

"Camping in AK" sounds like one of those events which will be a great source for many stories in the future. I can only imagine how the stories will get more descriptive as the years go by. That "clear mountain water" certainly looked really inviting - glad you guys drank from the faster moving part of the river. No matter how bad it might have been during the hike ending it with a trip to On The Border sounds like a great way to recover. Hope all is goes well with your military movers.

Mandy said...

LOVE the new blog top! It is great and captures your marathon well.

N.Ward.Designs said...

Hey... AK is alaska :) AR is Arkansas. I only know this because I am from Arkansas and well in the tiny town of Flippin. I guess they have to teach you something right? -Great pics, fun adventures!!