Tuesday, June 3, 2008


This weekend Jon and I have the privilege of being counselors for church camp. We are taking 114 kids from our church to Camp Buckner to meet up with kids and counselors from 2 other churches.

I, Ashley, am going to be a 2nd grade girl counselor with my co-leader Ashley. Won't that be fun the 2 Ashley's in camp have the same grade - but hey at least the kids will only have to remember one name. We have 14 girls that we will be responsible for. I am so excited because these are the girls in my small group (Sunday School class) that I have hung out with on Sunday's for the past year.

Jon lost his co-leader yesterday to work but hopefully they will find him a new one b/c he has 9 4th grade boys! Jon's group has some inner city kids going to their first camp ever!!! We are so excited for those boys - one of them is a boy Jon has hung out with for the past 2 years - he comes to the Feast and Journey with us each week - please pray for God to get ahold of this kid during the trip!

Please being praying for these kids!! Last night at our prayer time we really sensed - Joy, Salvation, and Life Changing Times for these kids.

I will keep you posted as we get closer and afterwards!


Debbie said...

I'm glad you've got a blog so I can keep up to date with you guys. I can't wait to hear about your Alaskan adventures! I've always wanted to visit Alaska...
Hope ya have fun at camp!

Bert Burt said...

Sounds like you will be having a great adventure this weekend at Camp Buckner as well as having an excellent opportunity of spending quality time with kids who will certainly appreciate the time spent with them. Having two Ashleys should be twice as much fun. Taking kids to such an adventure may be truly life-changing for all! Will keep the kids as well as you two in our prayers.