Thursday, June 12, 2008

Air Hockey Champ

Jon and I are a tad bit competitive so many times we go on dates where we compete against each other. One of our favorite dates is Air Hockey games at Peter Piper Pizza. So last night we went for one of our last battles at PPP in Waco. It is best of 3 games and we are usually pretty even with it coming down to the last game - BUT not last night. The first game was very even with each of us scoring one right after the other - but alas Ashley won that game 7-6. The second game however wasn't even close Ashley pulled ahead with a 4-1 lead and ended up dominating 7-3. I am open to any challengers but let me just warn you I will have no pity on anyone and the puck occasionally flies off the table because of the fear of my power :)
In case you were wondering Jon did beat me in skeet ball and some other jumping game but who cares - I am the Air Hockey Champion!!!


Bert Burt said...

Glad to see you are such a humble winner. Winning is a great thing. I certainly would not be much of a challenge for you at Air Hockey. Maybe you can give Air Hockey lessons while in Alaska. Also it is a game you can play year round even during the winter. Look forward to seeing you on 4 Jul. Will keep an eye on the puck if we do play Air Hockey so that when it flies off the table I will not be injured.

Debbie said...

PPP reminds me of my 21st surprise b-day! That was a fun night! Can't believe it happened 7 years ago . . . YIKES! We're getting old!

Oh, and I hope you don't mind if I add your blog to my blogroll. If so, just lemme know and I'll take it off.