Monday, June 17, 2013

Shurjio Castle Park -Final Father's Day adventure

For our final adventure of the weekend we went south to Naha for the first time since moving to the island.  We visited the large castle park which was very interesting.  The girls got to see some fun sites and we made it accident free!!! Jon and I were a little worried that we might have to apologize if Riley managed to do something in a sacred area but alas she stayed dry today!!!!!  I did manage to get a great tour of castle bathrooms though - I think there are over 19:)  During one bathroom break Jon and the other 2 were treated like rockstars as a school group came through and wanted to touch the girls.  Only one asks why do they always want to touch me?? 
We had a picnic lunch in one of the rest areas and were a little concerned that we were doing something wrong since no one else was eating but finally towards the end another family came in and busted into their lunch. 
While touring the sacred castle part and seeing the kings chair Molly repeatedly asked Jon and I if that is where Jesus sat.  Not just once and quietly but over and over loudly.  That is a fun conversation to have in a quiet area after reading on one of the wall hangings how the missionaries made life very hard for the final king.  It was a beautiful site and we enjoyed the day hanging out as a family.  We finished it off with a trip to Bollywood Dreams to get some Indian curry for dinner.  Now I am updating the blog, all the girls were in bed super early and Jon is relaxing with the Xbox and getting a little quiet time before work kicks in full gear tomorrow. 
Up next a strong bonds retreat this week for the soldiers in his unit who just returned from a long deployment!!  A blog adventure worthy weekend coming up.
Picnic lunch - shoes off

Loved the castle

Pretty impressive

A little far away - whoops

Had to take our shoes off and carry them while we walked through the inside.
At least they gave us a bag to put them in

The chair that sparked some good conversation

Molly took a photo of Jon and I.
This was after one of the many bathroom trips

The king and his princesses - so classy!!

Miss some better shots but this was a really neat place to visit!

3 tired little girls!!

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