Monday, June 17, 2013

Nothing mundane about this life

So life with 3 small kids is the same for most I would bet.  These past few weeks have been a little routine life for us.  Riley decided she wanted to potty train which meant we were a little more confined to the home than usual but we still took a small trip each day.  Kelly saw what her big sis was doing and thought she would get in on the action.  We have found some fun Japanese things to do like the pool, I have gone a whole month straight with working out daily and we have gotten into our groove here.
A smile to remind me how much I love her even when she has accidents

Stadium seating for a movie

They had to set up a table to feed their baby dolls

Japanese pool with the awesome swim caps


And the adventure begins

I don't think so!!

Family affair.  Keeping Kelly out is getting more challenging

Grocery shopping with my goobers

A morning with my bible study ladies!!!

Molly got an action shot of me doing my insanity burpees:)

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Kel said...

Love your blog, Ashley. Fun to peek in on your lives in Oki! I was hoping to see the end result of the triple bunk beds. Are you done yet? I know ya'll are busy with life and the unit, but I'd love to see the final results. It's a grand idea and I'd love to pass it along! I'm thinking you might post it on Facebook as well, right?
Have a super week!