Friday, June 21, 2013

First Japanese Hotel

First off we want to wish a Jenn and Slaw a happy day as they prep for their wedding tomorrow.  Sad we won't be there but in your honor after finding a chapel we took a photo in front and talked to the girls about your wedding!!!
Sending love to Aunt Jenn and soon to be Uncle Slaw

This weekend Jon got to run a retreat for soldiers who returned from a long deployment.  This was our first time in a local hotel and found some interesting things like: you take your shoes off when entering the room, they have a glass ice bucket and cups, you are provided multiple trash cans (but can't read the signs to know what went in each), we had a shower room and the toilets had bedays! The hotel was amazing and I am thankful we had a staff member assigned to help who spoke English so we could ask questions before making big mistakes:)  One interesting thing about the culture is they are not big on people showing tattoos so if you have one you are required to cover it up at the pool and even on public beaches.   It was a great time getting to meet people in Jon's unit and experience a little culture. 
Kelly's bed after we gave her crib up to another family

1 sleeping under the towel and 2 de pruning before round 2 at the pool

View at snack time

After dinner at a 5 star restaurant we did some geocaching on our date night.
Found an awesome chapel and Jon climbed under that walkway to get the cache.
This might have been a super fancy restaurant but we are still just us:)

No shoes allowed in your room

Waiting anxiously to get to the water

Testing out the shoes provided by the hotel for room use

Molly's favorite place!! 

Vending machine drink - it was either that or beer

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