Monday, June 17, 2013

Butterflies and Pizza

Father's day happened to be the same weekend of the Army's birthday which meant Jon got a 4 day!!!  So we took 2 of those days and adventured around the island.  On Friday we went north to the butterfly park and since we were close to the aquarium and we have season passes we stopped by there for a few hours.  Afterwards we adventured on 1.5 lane roads around the area to find Pizza (in the) Sky which was amazing.  So as mentioned before Riley is still not fully accident free so going on this trip we packed some extra supplies.  After making multiple bathroom stops she decided to relieve herself the first time during our picnic lunch - good thing not too many people were around.  The second time she decided not to use the facilities it was in a super busy area of the aquarium with nice leather seats for people to rest.  Here is Jon's FB post - " I learned a new phrase in Japanese today. Loosely translated it says, "I am sorry with the greatest sorry of all sorries because my daughter urinated in the middle of your aquarium, which happens to be the 2nd largest in the world & much better than anything in China. I will work quickly to mop up the urine with her wet pants. I hope our countries can remain friends. Go Nintendo!."
So after that we decided to diaper her up - she was not pleased but we just couldn't handle it any more knowing we still had a few hours to go until we got home!!  We survived the rest of the day and made it home after some AWESOME PIZZA!!
Hats on ready to see the butterflies

There were so many

Molly the butterfly

Riley the butterfly

Gave the girls my camera to take some photos - I have about 100 of this type shot

Not getting much food off those flowers

Butterfly gardens

Why not have a super large Hello Kitty - she seems to be everywhere

Awesome parking job - but very close!!

Yes we are sitting on the floor

getting excited

can't look up - must eat pizza.
Meanwhile I got to feed Kelly pizza with chopsticks!

Ahh the loud American's.  Next time I think we will sit outside

Cleaned up those plates!!

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