Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Pineapple Park and other fun days

This weekend we ventured to Pineapple Park.  It is a tourist trap at its finest!!  For only 1,200 yen ($12) our family got to ride the pineapple cart which went around the fields and explained how pineapples grow.  Then they started explaining how other things grow in the area like the flowers and other things (all in English for our cart!!).  Once you finished the ride in the pineapple go cart you walked into free sample heaven.  The first samples were pineapple wine which concerned the girls since we didn't let them try and they were thinking they wouldn't get to try anything but soon after they learned the joys of free samples at their height.  They got to sample fresh pineapple, juice, candy, cake, pie, chocolate, ice cream, cream puff, shortbread - seriously anything and everything covered, stuffed or infused with pineapple.  During the end of the sugar high they added a gauntlet of shopping which we walked out with only a pineapple key chain for each girl - pretty good accomplishment!!
Also this week I got our  family a pool to add to our backyard excitement.  It folds up flat but is a good afternoon treat on those super hot days when they want to jump on the trampoline but get overheated too fast. 
Today we went to Color and Coffee where we met some new friends who I invited to our house Thursday - we will see if they show.  It is sponsored by the community center and they have coffee, juice and tons of coloring sheets and puzzles.  The girls loved playing with kids and I enjoyed some adult conversation

Trying to blend in with our big hats:)

Enjoying our cart ride

Loved telling me about the pineapple plants

Ice cream!!
Who doesn't put their play chair in the pool along with the kitchen toys?
Post pool jumping

If I hide down here my sisters might leave me alone

Color and coffee

Love those first few minutes after nap time when we are all happy!!

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