Thursday, June 27, 2013

Love being out and about

The girls and I find something to do every day that is out in town.  I love getting to experience the culture and it wears them out so they take 3 hours naps every afternoon so I can workout, clean house and do dinner prep in peace!!  Here are some snapshots of our past week - enjoy:)

Park thanks to Stroller Warriors and a 40 minute run/walk.
They make it so the kids find the benefit of mom exercising!!

The last Friday of the month we celebrate birthdays - yet another reason the girls love me exercising

Awesome slide - all she had to endure was sitting in the bob for 40 minutes

Her too - one day she will get kicked out and Kelly get her spot

Molly found the camera at the pool and took a few pictures of herself:)

mini-zoo, eggs and a crazy lizard thing - what more could you want??

Oh yeah custard at the end

Why you need to shop at the local farmers market - not only fresh but CHEAPER!
Basil on left $1 grown on island.  Basil on right from the commissary $1.79
Glad I have friends who showed me the ropes

Everyone on their phone on the trampoline.
Kelly is only mad because I had Molly grab her for a picture - I promise!!

Beach day with our bible study group

Playdate with some friends we made at a community center.

I am trying to let them help cook at least twice a week.
Nutella cheesecake and dump cake were the creations this week

Trampolines and water - oh so fun!!

Prize for accident free days.

Seriously almost nightly we go out on the trampoline for family fun

And Riley hangs out of my lap instead of jumping

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