Monday, December 8, 2008

Virginia Baby Shower

Mrs. Frew, Kaitlin, Me
Kaitlin was giving me "motherly wisdom" from the Bible since she gets married next week and doesn't have first hand experience advice quite yet.
Mrs. Williams, the back of Jessica's head

Working on the scrapbook pages for Molly's first scrapbook.Me
Opening presents

My sister-in-law Kaitlin threw me a baby shower in Virginia (the crazy girl did it 7 days before her own wedding!). It was nice to be able to invite the ladies and friends who I spent many hours with in elementary and high school. Besides the gifts my favorite thing was the scrap booking pages everyone made to go into Molly's first scrapbook. It is always nice to have different ideas and now all I have to do is insert the pictures!!
All the ladies in the McPherson family helped pull off the nice shower - they made my favorite salsa dip along with some other goodies.

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Jon & Ashley McP said...

I wish I could have been there...watching football with my dad. See you in 13 days!