Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Slow Accumulation of Baby Paraphanielia

While Ashley has been away I have served as the official Molly's Room Decorator. Since this is my first baby room to decorate, or really any room, you'll have to cut me some slack.

Molly's Furniture
That pink blanket is actually mine. I forgot to take it out of the picture. Sorry.

Molly's Almost Empty Closet
The closet is awaiting Ashley's return. The amount of clothes Ashley received at the two baby showers should fit nicely. If you're worried that Molly may have so many clothes that she may not wear the outfit you bought, stop worrying. She will need to wear all of the outfits at the same time to keep warm in Alaska.

Molly's High Chair

Molly's Stroller
Once we get studs on the tires we'll actually be able to use it in Alaska.


Jon & Ashley McP said...

you did great!

Beth Pritchard said...

Good job Jon! But, um....the pink blanket is YOURS??

Bert Burt said...

You jump out of airplanes and serve as Molly's Room Decorator - Is there no end to your talents? Great job decorating the room. Molly's closet will soon be much fuller and she should look very nice traveling about in her stroller with studded snow tires.
Hope all goes well this final week before your trip to VA/MD.