Sunday, December 14, 2008

Kaitlin's Wedding

Jon's little sister Kaitlin got married today!! I was there to represent our family since Jon was told he would have too many important things to take care of this week by the Army - they better have something good for him to do.
3 bridesmaids, Jenn (Jon's older sister is in red), Kaitlin (Jon's little sister is in gold), Thomas (our new brother-in-law is in the vest) and 4 groomsmenThe ceremony was in a historic barn that Stonewall Jackson ate at during the Civil War.
I am the person sitting next to the stairs in the black and white shirt.
Playing the newlywed game

Aunt Linda, Carol, Aunt Karen, Uncle Will and Anne Marie

Only 9 more days until Jon and I are back in the same state!!!! I don't know who is more excited - but to take my mind off the fact I am going to Texas for the week to see friends so the days should fly by.

On the Molly front - only 10 more weeks left (if she goes to the full 40). We have started our library of books for Jon to read on video so while he is gone she will get to see and hear her daddy reading to her whenever I play a video for her.


Tressa said...

Call me when you get in, we'd love to have you over or anything!

Mandy said...

So sad Jon had to miss the wedding! But it looks really neat.

I love the idea of him reading on video so he stays connected! I wonder who will enjoy those videos more - Mom or Molly :)

So excited to see you! I can't believe you only have 10 weeks left!

HappyNomads said...

hey ash, we are praying, praying that she will come early so Jon will be there! Also, i love the idea about him reading to her on video. I am trying to get my family back home to read books and video it for olivia so she can see them. We love you guys!!!