Thursday, December 11, 2008

Keeping your cool

I forgot to tell Ashley about my initial exit out of the plane. When I jumped out of the plane my body twisted in the air so that when my chute opened all the suspension lines were twisted and I was falling a tad bit faster than the rest of the jumpers. I'm not going to lie: at that moment I almost panicked, but that's when training kicked in. They taught us that when the suspension lines are twisted you pull out on the risers and begin a vigorous bicycle motion with your legs. It took a few half seconds (that felt like minutes), but finally my lines became untangled right before I softly fell to the earth. The moral of the story is that you should learn to keep your "cool" in moments when your life flashes before your eyes. And being in Alaska helps because it is always "cool" here during the winter.


Jon & Ashley McP said...

First I heard of that part of the story- way to leave that part out!
<>< ashley

Bert Burt said...

What a great story to tell your kids - "There I was spinning at 100 mph 1,000 ft above the earth with my parachute being a streamer. My tiger-like reflexes and suberb training all worked together to solve the problem. I skillfully landed in two feet of powdery snow and that was my 1st of many successful jumps in Alaska!"
Remember great stories only get better with time.