Monday, December 29, 2008

McPherson Family Photo

Jon and I at his parents cabin in West Virginia
Kaitlin, Thomas, me, Jon, Lucky, Jenn, Larry and Ginger

This is the new family after Kaitlin and Thomas got married Dec 14 - since Jon couldn't make it to the wedding we asked for another family photo so Jon would have full family photo to take with him when he deploys.

We spent a few days at the cabin where Jon made a pencil holder, table (of some sort) and lamp with his father while I relaxed and read my new books! We also geocached in the town and found out Wardensville WV was the population center for the United States sometime around 1790. Interesting facts you learn while exploring. We drove to North Carolina yesterday and went geocaching with Kaitlin and Thomas in the rain but were also able to find cool caches in NC (no fun facts though). Today we went to see the Dead Sea Scrolls (supposed to be free but cost and arm and leg so we just looked around the rest of the museum) and ice skating, Molly thoroughly enjoyed it (until the final lap). Tomorrow we will do some more fun things around town and head out for the Head Family Christmas in Maryland!!
More pictures to come.


Beth Pritchard said...

It's good to see you two together again :-)

Canderson said...

Ashley, you are so cute with your little Molly-belly! I love it! We're all praying for you guys. Sorry I missed you when you came to visit.