Saturday, November 29, 2008

Baby Story - not quite like TLC

Taryn, Meredith, Gavin, Conner and Brad
The 12 hours after Gavin came into the world he got to meet his big brother and sister who were super excited to see him. He is going to be one tough little boy!

Gavin Mitchell Head - 9lbs 10 oz, 21.5 inches long, 15.75 inch head

My newest nephew entered the world Tuesday 2:51am and I was there to be the photographer - let me just tell you TLC edits out A LOT for A Baby Story.

For example epidurals don't always work and there is a lot of pain for the mom (and those witnessing). Even with a doctor ready to poke you and give you more sometimes the baby decides they want out right then before they get the medicine in you.

There are at least 10 random people in the room - granted Meredith delivered at a training military hospital but I didn't realize that there would be that many people in there.

Dads don't cut the cord when the baby comes right out - they cut the second round right before the baby gets cleaned.

The "cheese" that the baby is coated in does not come off easily!

Moms really only get to see the baby for a few seconds and then they take them back to give them a bath, shots, weigh and measure and other random things.

I can sleep through most anything - even my sister-in-law going through hours of painful labor- I did wake up 30 minutes before Gavin was born.

This was around 3:40 when the doctors were all done.

Should be interesting when Molly Frances decides to make her appearance - that is all I know!

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Tressa said...

Nope, not like an edited version of TLC was it?
Did this process scare you more or did it enlighten you more?
LOVE YOU and hope your enjoying your time with family. I so wish I could hop in a plane and hang with you for a few days!