Friday, November 7, 2008


Well just to update everyone I am in Virginia/Maryland for the next 2 months. My granny died two days before Jon was to leave for a month for war training in California. Since I was planning on coming down to VA/MD for his little sister's wedding in December he mentioned getting a one way ticket and just staying for awhile. While I love Alaska and the women I have befriended I just couldn't pass up the chance to be with family! This will be the longest I have been around them since before leaving for college. I am getting to stay with my brother and his wife and hang out with their kids for a few nights then going up to my parents for awhile. We figured this would be the best time for a mobile Ashley - I am sure when Molly comes I will need to be a tad bit more stable (at least for a few months).
I will be posting some pictures soon but let me tell you the shock it was to go from 8 degrees to 78! On the drive from Tennessee to Virginia we got to drive through the moutains and see the leaves changing colors - very beautiful.


Beth Pritchard said...

Booo! I'm jealous of the weather! That being said, I really really miss you!!!! I can't wait to see you in January. Enjoy your time with family.

Tressa said...

Good wise decision to be with the family. I hope your tank gets filled with lots of LOVE! You have such a sweet family! I wish I could come with you to your parents! Such a peaceful place to be!


P.S. Still waiting for that belly pic!