Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The Farm

One of the best things about visitng grandparents is that it is like stepping back in time. While they always put up the new pictures we send they don't take down the old. Here is a picture from sometime in the early 90's - that would put me in 5th or 6th grade. This is one of those fun finds while I was staying with my grandaddy earlier this month!
Back row: Brian - Brad - Ashley
Front row: Dad - Mom

Brian - Mom - Grandaddy Head - Dad- Brad- Me
Here is the Head family at my Granny's funeral - the reception was at Head's Free Will Baptist where my grandparents went to church for as long as I can remember. It is funny how much alike my dad, brother and gradaddy look.

Dad - Mom - Grandaddy Key - Brian - Brad- Me
We visited my Grandaddy Key while in town - my grandparents lived about 17 miles apart from each other and occasionally helped each other farm back in the day. Both of my grandaddy's were extremely hard workers which is where I am pretty sure everyone in my family got their work ethic from. Grandaddy Key was put in a nursing home last year after a lengthy illness - he seems to love the socialization there. Who doesn't love Bingo day??
The farm house - Both of my grandparents house look a little alike - white siding, red brick chimney and tin roof.
This is the view across the street - this is my parents land in Tennessee.
And last but not least - my favorite thing about the farm - fresh produce - especially tomatoes. I eat about one each meal - my grandmother's used to cut them in slices and put them on a plate for us all to eat. They are best with Miracle Whip and a little salt!!

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Bert Burt said...

You are right about the farm taking you back in time - everything seems to slow down. However there was always more to do than there were hours in the days - and there was always tomorrow. Family, work, and lots of good fresh food were fond farm memories for the entire family.