Sunday, January 3, 2016

Visit with friends

We took a few days and went to visit our friends/ Army family.  The girls actually got near their dog which was pretty impressive since they run from most all dogs.  During the visit we hung out and just enjoyed a lot of laughing and playing games.  Another family drove down and we had a pizza party and it was like old time when we were all in AK and NC together.   We also went on a double date while the big kids watched our kids and ate at a restaurant one of my high school buddies runs and it was awesome.

Following Deacon around the house

Squirrel Watching


McP family

Kelly taking a selfie with Olivia but she forgot to include herself

Hanging out around the house

Indoor smores since it was raining outside


Can I have another

Ground time

Playing with the older girls

Warming up at the fireplace

Pizza Party!

Who doesn't have photo booth props at their house?

Say cheese

all the "kids" watching Frosty

Exhausted on the drive away

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