Sunday, January 3, 2016

Grandaddy Head's Funeral

Grandaddy passed away and it was at a time we were able to make things work so that I could go.  Jon and our friends tag teamed and took care of the girls while I was on a short trip to the US.  It was my first time back to the US in 2.5 years and I had a little bit of a shock of how some things have changed and how much I have adjusted to life in Japan. 
This was also the first time my brothers and I have been with my parents all together in many years and we spent lots of hours talking, playing games and eating!  My aunt and uncle hosted us all in their house and it was awesome getting to be around family and see my cousins and their kids while we were there. 
Getting to come to the funeral was amazing - seeing family honor granddaddy, having southern hospitality and being with family all made the trip and jet lag worth it.

My present to the girls was a pedicure and Jon stepped up and took them while I was away.

TexMed food in TN - Brian who lives in TX not as impressed as Brad and I who don't get this as often but willing to sacrifice for his siblings request!!

Brad singing at the funeral

Great-Grandkids singing

Jennifer singing for the funeral

Coming from all over but together. 
Thankful for spouses who stayed home and took care of the kids so we could all be there.

Got to go through old pictures!!
Grandaddy, Daddy, Brian, Brad and me

Summer times with Grandaddy - playing in the fields

Another fun picture around the house

Found dad's yearbook - he is #30

Love this house and the many memories

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Another picture my grandparents had with a card from my dad

This was the leftovers after a church dinner after the funeral.

5 crowns!!!

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Mandy said...

I'm so sorry for your loss. It's so sweet to be able to celebrate a wonderful life, I'm so glad you got to make the funeral.