Sunday, January 3, 2016

Polar Express - Unit Christmas Party

12 hours after landing we sent Jon on his way to America to finish the last part of his Captain's career course and I headed over to help decorate for our unit Holiday Party.  The girls were great helpers and helped me keep moving to get over jet lag.  That night we came back in our PJ's and tacky sweaters and ate candy, cookies and hot chocolate while watching Polar Express and hanging out with friends.  We had a few days at home so we put up a few decorations and did a few of our holiday traditions.  The girls also got to help me clean up our house because Jon did a great job taking care of the girls, going to work and doing lots of things just maybe not getting things cleaned up.

Decorations done - now to get our PJ's on and get ready to party!

Santa and the girls

Polar Express with our friends

They made the train out of cardboard - I love people's creativity!

Kids loved the movie and candy and cookies!

Kelly my shadow

End of the night fun

Set up our decorations for a few days

Douglas Fur - Everyone's favorite singing Christmas Tree.
He went off a 4am today so maybe not Jon's favorite

Don't get anything dirty - just sit there in your robes and eat before we fly out

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