Sunday, January 3, 2016

Christmas with NeNe and PaPa

Christmas with Nene and PaPa at the log cabin was a lot of fun.  Some people hiked to the top of the mountain, almost all the grandkids got to ride in the tractor, we played in the hot tub, finished a few puzzles and just had a blast hanging out.  We picked up Jon's sister Kaitlin and her 2 kids and headed over to WV to spend Christmas on the mountain.  We took a break at Chick-fil-a for lunch and Nene and Papa met us there and then we headed over to Monkey Joe's for a few hours of jumping.  Again the basement was the favorite spot for everyone - Nene had a ton of toys for the kids and puzzles for the adults to work on. 

Getting ready to go to the candlelight service

Nene and Papa with all their kids and grandkids who live in
Asia, America and Europe

Tractor ride with PaPa

They loved the ride

Papa took them for 2 trips

Getting the mail - turned adventure since we rode in the back of the truck

See ya later suckas - rode in the front for the ride back to the house

Birthday cake for Jesus decorated by the grandkids

All the girls got their nails painted

Got to look through old photo albums - fun pictures of Jon

Who can resist that face??

Heading out on a midnight run to get Thomas

Cousins playing together

The duck that never stops singing!

Christmas 5K - Jon's dream

Craft time with NeNe

Hanging out in the hot tub

Making cookies

Making more food!

Beep Beep

Christmas PJ's on Christmas Eve

All the McP grandkids (Everly's stand in was a cabbage patch)

The kid table

Basement fun with the cousins

Fun times hanging out with family


Come on in Uncle Jon/Daddy

Lets do it again

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