Saturday, January 2, 2016

November in a Nutshell

November was a fun and crazy month.  We started the month with making a Thankful Tree and then had many adventures with the kids.  For thanksgiving we spent 1 night "camping" at White Beach with friends and then went up north to a hotel for a few nights to have a true staycation.  During the staycation my Grandaddy Head passed away so we drove home in the morning and I flew out to TN to go to the funeral.  Jon and our amazing friends made it possible for me to go and once I flew home Jon left 12 hours later to go to Fort Jackson for his Captain's career course.

The start of our Thankful Tree

Saw a few minions while out running some errands

First piece of pottery from art class

Who doesn't love Aunpanman

Round 1 with friends and trying to skate

6 kids and 3 stories of games and fun!

1-1 UMT day at the aquarium and Tropical Dream center - oh and grabbing a cache

The Tropical Dream Center

Everyone needed a picture in the secret gardens

A purse and a map - ready for any adventure that comes

Still rocking the yellow

Orchids galore

It makes it easy to buy clothes when they love to match

Post Homework fun times

Painting party with friends

Adventuring with friends

AWANA leaders surviving Dot your leader Night

I love her crazy sense of style

Someone taught her this is a happy, smiley face best for pictures

The thankful tree is growing

A few more days until he can shave that nasty thing

Bike adventure with Molly - we rode 5 miles.  We went back later that week with her sisters.

The beach in November because it was hot out

Bowling party - one of 5 unit events for the mont

Kids got to pie the dads in the face

Mom take my picture

Bells that look like Darth Vadar - cooking together

Mom take my picture!! They all love Ramen and Rice

AWANA kids

First quilt that is not just squares

Needed Jamie to help me

We did it!

My Tuesday coffee date friends - We love coffee, Jesus and each other

The finished quilt for the school secretary

Thankful tree getting more and more leaves and art project from Granny

Thanksgiving at the beach


RV - fun times

Breakfast with friends

Playing in the RV

Super Windy

Our hotel room had a moon pool!!

Staycation - painting some clay

Riding around in our golf cart

Came for the lights

Japanese love having hearts in their Christmas light displays

Thanksgiving at the beach by ourselves!!

Perfect beach day

Family Fun

Took the shuttle after turning in the golf cart

One last time in the moon pool.

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