Thursday, March 5, 2015

Riley's Minion Tea Party

Riley asked for a minion tea party.  After a few minutes on pintrest I decided we could totally handle that so we went ahead with her idea.  I hit up the 100 yen store and got tea cups and paint markers so the kids could decorate tea cups, balloons to make minions and paper products all in yellow.  She has never actually had a birthday party just for her b/c once she was born we have always had combined parties for her and her sister(s).  While I knew she would be happy Jon and I were not prepared for the excitement you could see as she talked about her party the days leading up to it and the day of.  Riley is our kid who doesn't like being the center of attention and anything that puts the spot light on her seems to make her uncomfortable.  For her birthday we had just a few friends over for a weekday lunch and she loved every  minute of it.  I may have forgot to sing happy birthday with all her friends around but Jon saved the day and we sang with kids running around.  The kids got to decorate a minion cupcake - we found edible eyes and they could add.  Our little yellow lover had a great day!

She got to make the cupcakes for her friends.
She also helped make the colored icing

The McP Tea Cups
Riley's minion cupcake

Snacks the next day - can't ever wear enough yellow

Minion tea party supplies-
The kids got minion bananas and they got to draw a minion on their balloon

Kelly helped make our pin the eye on the minion board

Everyone had to dress up

So we took a picture

Eating lunch with friends
Bananas, mac& cheese, nuggets and yellow cupcakes

She loved the icing

Singing to the birthday girl


A little sister time

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Gloria Morken said...

Happy Birthday, Riley!