Monday, March 23, 2015

Hair Donation

The oldest has been asking to cut her hair for a few months now.  She waivers between long hair and wanting short hair and today I decided to let her chop it off.  Since she wanted it to be near her ears we measured and it was over 9 inches so we donated it to Pantene.  We did this 3 years ago right before the youngest was born and it made it really easy get hair done when life was crazy.  All night she couldn't stop grinning and was so happy.  Her sisters couldn't stand that she got to have short hair and begged to get theirs cut also.  The middle's hair doesn't grow as fast so I wasn't willing to chop hers off as much but we did but off 3 inches.   The youngest was the hardest for me - she kept saying I want mine long like Molly and then pointing to the scissors.  The 2 didn't make sense but in the end I cut it off for her to donate along with Molly.  The short bobs are going to be great for summer!! 
The side view

From the back

Front view

Here are the 8 inches to donate

3 days of quarantine makes moms willing to do crazy things


Gloria Morken said...

Wow. I didn't realize how LONG their hair was until it was cut! They are cute no matter what!

Mandy said...

adorable! I keep M's short because it's got curly underneath and straight on top to figure out and I love how easy it is! K has baby fine hair so I wasn't sure how it would look short but she has been asking to cut hers and your post is helping win me over :).