Thursday, March 26, 2015

Hair Cuts

Below are pictures of the last 3 days and 3 haircuts for Kelly.
To start Molly has been asking to cut a lot of her hair off and I have put her off for awhile - but during a 4 day house arrest with 3 cases of pink eye I caved.  One night once Jon got home we washed her hair and then cut off over 8 inches so she could donate it to kids who need wigs.  Her sisters saw and wanted to be apart of this too but only Kelly had enough to donate.  I allowed her to do this so we had 2 girls with pretty short hair and Riley did get a little cut but not 8 inches.  The girls got one day with their new hair style that I had cut and then Molly felt she needed to help Kelly out. 
I went to workout with a friend and came home and noticed something was off with Kelly's hair.  I sat there thinking man did I really butcher her hair I thought I kept the front pretty long and so I asked what happened to Kelly's hair.  Molly burst into hysterical tears which gave away that something had indeed happened.  Jon and I asked her to show us where she got the scissors so she took us up to our bathroom and showed us the upper shelf of the medicine cabinet -all while having an emotional breakdown with full on wailing at this point.  Jon had to leave for work and left me with this awesome scene where I just kept walking away because I didn't want to say something I would regret.  Right before taking her to school I asked why did you do it - her response was "I thought it would be great, but it wasn't" again weeping the words out.  I called my mom to get another adults views on what I should do.  The plan was to have Molly pay for Kelly's haircut but there were no open appointments so we came home and I just thought is there anyway I can fix this - I'm not really that good of a hairstylist.  When we got home from trying to get the hair fixed I sent the little 2 up for naps and had Molly write - I will not cut hair. 10 times.  By the time she finished writing them I could see she was about to lose it so I said "you know I love you" and she burst into tears again.  This time over and over "I thought it would be great, but it wasn't."  I don't think she will be cutting hair again anytime soon.  We had our bible study tonight and I asked our friend to help me fix it so Kelly got her third haircut in 3 days. 
Not sure how Jon didn't notice the difference

A little difficult to fix

The punishment

Things that make you cringe - seeing your kids hair in the trash

Before the incident

Crafting after haircuts

The last picture of Kelly without bangs

Donating hair

The back


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Mandy said...

Oh no!! My cousin cut one of my pigtails off when we were little and I gave her a zig zag cut - EEK! I have a hunch my day will come though I'd be okay passing it up on this one. Way to handle it with suave Momma