Thursday, March 5, 2015

Fun Filled Days

The thing about having 2 kids with birthdays a little less than 2 weeks apart means there is lots of celebrating.   We celebrated with friends, our military family and just as our own family.  In between we have had lots of play dates.  I have been trying to set aside 1 - 2 days a week to open our house for play dates with friends and the girls always look forward to seeing friends - this also motivates me to actually clean/pick up.
Wearing her new princess dress to school on her actual birthday

I had a friend watch the other 2 so I could have lunch with Molly at school

Cupcakes with her classmates!

They loved seeing what school was like for their big sister

We had dinner with friends and we put candles in the pancakes!

A little fun with my 2 little buddies at the egg place/mini zoo

Play dates with friends at the park

The girls are obsessed with our friends dogs LuLu and Ketchup.
If they see Lena walking the dogs they run after her to play with them

More play dates - this time inside b/c of rain

Family salon night - Jon painted nails even!

Riley taking time to teach her sister Cubbie verses

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