Wednesday, May 2, 2012

What giving looks like at 3

 We like to involve the girls in giving to others whenever possible.  This past week Molly has had a lot of opportunities and it has been fun to watch her.  She helped Jon with putting labels on waters bottles that said LIVE in the FLOW John 7:37-39 that he gave out as part of his sermon illustration to remind others to live out what God has given you - don't be stagnate and only receive. Also her friend next door had surgery so she went through the $1 section at Walmart and picked out a bunch of gifts to give her - she might have had to be reminded once or twice they were for our friend and not her:)  She loved putting it on the door and has talked about how she gave lipstick to her sick friend.  Today we went a got her hair cut.  A few months back I chopped my hair off to donate and in passing I asked Molly if she would like to and she said yes so today was the day.  We went to the salon and Molly sat extremely still, during the process she said she didn't like it but since coming home she has noticed that she now matches Riley and me with short hair.  She is also glad that someone else will get to have hair or Rapunzel as she calls it:)

Molly modeling her Live in the Flow water bottle (and boo boo)

The bag of goodies to put on our friends door.  Riley isn't as thrilled but give her a few years!
Sitting very still for the last time with long hair
Cutting away
Styling the new do
Getting ready to bag it up and send it in
Short hair

The back

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Mandy said...

that's so sweet! love it