Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Life with 3

They have matching outfits - their shirts say big and little sister
 We had Granny and Jon here until Monday and then reality set in!  My mom stayed an extra day so I didn't have to drag all 3 girls to an 8 am dr. appointment for Kelly.  I don't know what time I would have actually made it if I had to get them all up and out that first day!!  Last week Riley was dealing with and ear infection that didn't heal from the last round of antibiotics and was super fussy but since get a second round she is much nicer.  Molly is still dealing with the adjustment and we are having a few attitude problems every day but here's to hoping with some prayer we will get over that fast.  She also got invited to her first manicure/pedicure birthday party with her friend next door.  3 seems pretty young to start with getting a mani/pedi I know I didn't get one until college but that is what she and Chloe love to do!  They went to an actual place and got real ones not the free ones in the driveway and Molly loved it - she picked out some interesting designs!  Kelly is growing - she lost her belly button extension so she got her first bath and at her appointment we found out she is up to 7lb 5 oz.
We have kept busy playing with friends in the afternoon after trying to hash out our new morning routine.  Monday my friend came over and while the kids played she cooked our dinner for us so that night all I had to do was reheat the meat.  Yesterday we spent the afternoon at Monkey Joe's jumping with another friend and I "cooked" a frozen pizza for the family.  Tonight I might just break the streak and cook something real for the first time since the 5th or I might just let us eat leftovers and shoot for this weekend:)
Being a big sister is very hard

First bath!!

Ladybug nails

Lighting stripe toes

Kelly's first picnic

Feasting with the flies

It only took 10 tries to get 1 or 2 good ones.