Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Introducing the newest McP girl

Waiting for the hospital to release me!
 Kelly decided she didn't want to wait for a pesky induction so she took the initiative to come out 10 days before it was scheduled.  Let me start at the beginning now:)  Jon was originally scheduled to be the on call chaplain May 15 which was our induction date so he traded with another chaplain and managed to get Saturday May 5th.  I joked that because of that she would come then but didn't really take myself seriously (just as my mom as to the state of my house).  2 weeks ago at chapel our little kids teacher didn't show up because she went into labor 3 weeks early and had her baby, last week our pianist had to leave 15 minutes before chapel because she was the midwife for another lady in the congregation who decided to have her baby 3 weeks early so I also joked since we had kids church this week it was my turn to go 3 weeks early but remember I was just joking so didn't take myself seriously.  After we went to a birthday party Saturday we came home and I started having contractions 5 minutes apart - after about 2 hours I started texting my friend Karlyn about possibly being on standby for kids church just in case and Jon called Stephanie my doctor friend to see if we should go or just stay home since it was a full moon.  With 2 experienced moms basically yelling why haven't you left already we decided to go to the hospital and see what they said.  Jon contacted the next chaplain on the on-call list who graciously met us in labor and delivery to relieve Jon of that phone and obligation while I got checked in being I was 6-7 cm dilated.  We checked into the hospital at 10 and Kelly was here at 12:39.  Just like the other 2 girls her blood sugars dropped because of my gestational diabetes so she was kept in the NICU for 12 hours but was finally released to us at 1 the next day.  However the hospital lost a test I took so instead of the 24 hours most 3rd time moms get Jon, Kelly and I were held hostage for 60 hours!!  Ok maybe not held hostage but it is so much easier taking care of a baby at home than in a hospital room where nurses come in every time you get comfortable!  Molly was excited about the birth of her BabyAlive who she has been waiting for since it is Kelly's twin to her.  She is being a great mom to it as she changes and feeds it all the time and it takes many naps in Riley's bed.  Riley is just happy to have people to play with and so far really likes to try and share things with Kelly. 
Jon trying to reason with his youngest daughter as to why she should stop crying:)

Why yes I am a true McPherson - I sleep with my arms above my head.


the sealey family said...

Congrats! Just found out today since I don't have fb. She looks like your other girls for sure!

Hope you are feeling well!

kjsonntag said...

yay! so glad you are all doing well! she is beautiful! congrats!

Vik said...

Ashley and Jon! Congrats on your 3rd little girl! You guys definitely have a full house:) I'm glad things went quickly for you. I hope she's a good sleeper!!!!!