Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend

This Memorial Day weekend we had a lot of family hang out time and Jon and I even had a date!  On Thursday we celebrated 9 years of being married so I arranged for a babysitter and surprised him with a date.  We went to dinner and Jon had a list of 9 things he had to complete by the end of the date.  Some things were selfish on my part like requiring he order and appetizer and then later take us to Barnes and Noble for cheesecake (because I had a coupon for both).  And others were just silly things like finding a book that described the last nine years and then finding a magazine that had something we would like to do as a couple before our 18th.  Jon, ever the romantic, found a book titled We Can All Do Better so I decided I would go with You Have No Idea.  He later explained he meant it was about him not the way I took the title of his book meaning he thought I could do better.  For our magazines Jon found an awesome place to camp in CO while I just found one that said travel South America since I need to get to go to that Continent in order to be one step closer to visiting 6 of the 7 by the time I am 35.    Friday we hit the road and traveled to Marbles a really fun children's museum and learned the different speed we will be traveling as a bigger family of small children.  The pictures below are from that fun trip.  Saturday Jon got to work on his sermon while I took 2 girls and did small trips around town and then invited neighbors over to our personal beach in the backyard.  Sunday after chapel we were going to picnic at the pool instead we ate at the PX and then went to the pool.  It took us 30 minutes to get everyone dressed and ready to get in the pool and after 1 hour they were all ready to eat snacks and go home - it was a good thing too since our sunscreen ran out after only getting one of Molly's arm.  Most of us have spent some time out in the sun so we were ok, Jon however is pretty burned. 

Sisterly Love

Group shots are a little more difficult now

Riley loves the food

Molly loves the shopping

Jon just plays around like a good dad and buys what he is told

Someone had to rest with Kelly and Jon was willing to sacrifice and do that

Kelly and I working on her touch quota

The Dancers


An artist is born