Saturday, May 12, 2012

Family of 5

We are so grateful for the help of Granny and BertBurt this week in transitioning to a family of 5.  Molly and Riley have both had a lot of extra attention and it was definitely needed.  We have only had one outburst from Molly letting us know she wanted NO SISTERS - aka she was done sharing.  Riley just wants to love Kelly and sometimes doesn't know her power.  Kelly loves to sleep during the day and party at night.  We are beginning to think she doesn't know what to do in the quiet and that is why she cries at night so we bought a sound machine and will see how that goes.  Also while we had extra hands around Jon and I decided to invest in a swing set for the back yard.  After a few hours and a few suggestions from an expert (ME) they got it together and the girls have been enjoying it all day today.  Tomorrow is baby dedication at our chapel and like last year we are getting to participate and dedicate Kelly.  I think 2 kids 2 mother's day in a row is enough for me!!  We are so thankful for skype as Kelly has been able to meet a lot of our family through it until they can get here or we can get to them.  Enjoy the video and pictures from the past few days!

I just want to get up on the couch so I can give her a kiss


Best part of the swing set - TRAMPOLINE!

Enough gadgets for everyone to enjoy


Music time with Granny

I'm coming for you Kelly

She hasn't been kissed in 10 minutes - Molly had to take care of that

BertBurt and his napping buddy

They put her at my level!!

Watching Jon and BertBurt fly - fun times!

Running out of lap!

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