Sunday, August 1, 2010

We made it (and did another 3,000 miles)

So many of you noticed the lack of posts on the back half of the journey. Let's just say with family there was not as much down time - or free wi-fi like when we were traveling. In the last 3,000 miles we visited 3 of our 5 aunts and uncles along with all the cousins in those areas. We arrived in NC and I flew out a few days later to go take part of a missions conference with our church back in Waco. We had missionary kids from all over the world and we put on a summer camp while their parents when to seminars and got some training - it was a blast but it was nice to come "home." I flew out early b/c the Army told Jon he would be going to the field and in order to get the keys to the house Jon found for us I needed to get back. So after a nice 12 hours with Jon he left for a week and I went and hung out with Molly at Jon's parents and then took her to my parents before coming back to a very stinky Jon (no shower or change of clothes) and saw our new house which was very nice. The movers have come and unloaded all our household goods the McPherson's came to help out yesterday so we could get a few things put away and gave us their old truck so I am no longer stuck at home while Jon works.
I will post pictures and stories from the back half of our trip but right now we are "borrowing" the internet from some neighbors who don't have it secure so while we have internet it is not fast and I am not patient enough to wait for it to download pictures. Come back Wednesday once the Timer Warner man has come and given us internet!!

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Natalie Ward said...

sounds really crazy Ash... your such a trooper... In every sense of the word!!