Monday, August 16, 2010

Birthday and Retreat

Last year for my birthday Jon had some friends throw a big party with lots of friends, this year with the move and Jon being home it was a small family day long party. Once we all woke up I was going to make muffins and Jon surprised me by taking me to breakfast. We tried to go to Mac's breakfast anytime for the 2nd time but once again it was closed this time at 9am - so I guess it is really Mac's breakfast when they want to be there. Afterward we went to the children's museum here and it was really fun. Molly played and we laughed - it is definitely a must do when friends/family come with younger kids. Then we went to lunch - this time the restaurant we tried did not have seating, it was a drive thru only version so we drove a little farther and found another one we could actually sit down and eat it - Cook-Out Burgers are pretty good but the milkshakes are AMAZING! After lunch Jon took me to get a pedicure while he and Molly hung out at Walmart next door. He had one more activity planned but Molly really needed a nap and I decided I would rather my child have a nap than go in public with her melting down so we came home and chilled. That night for dinner Jon "made" dinner by watching Molly while I cooked and I got to eat off our new family Special Day Plate for the first time!! There was no cake/cupcakes/candles or anything but it was a great birthday and I just ate chocolate chocolate chip cookies instead.
Getting to sit by myself for breakfast
Jon tried to control Molly and all her excitement while waiting for food.
Fascinate-U the entire museum is hands on and it is like a small town with and Army base even. All the lights actually light up when you push buttons in the vehicles. Molly liked the police car the most.
That man was walking around with 2 snakes - that is when you miss Alaska and the fact the entire state is snake less. They say North Carolina especially this area has a bad snake problem - oh boy!
Judge Molly and her bailiff
General Molly and her sidekick in training

And finally the Retreat! Jon's unit (5-73rd of the 3-82nd) had their marriage retreat this weekend in Charlotte. Jon did an awesome job of giving his soldiers and their spouses some information on how to make their marriage stronger. The one major benefit for me is he had to test out some of his theories so I have been getting some nice treats these past few weeks. Also they had a nanny agency that watched the kids during the sessions and on Saturday night so the parents could go out for a date night!! We went out to dinner and then went to play putt-putt golf where I came from behind and beat Jon on the last hole by one shot!! After that we went to the Bass Pro Outlet and tried our skills out on the guns and I once again came out victorious so we went and got some dessert to celebrate my victories. When we went to get Molly she didn't seem like it was too bad for as she was dancing around to her audience of little boys.
Here we are a the Lowe's/ Charlotte Motor Speedway. We went on the tour and it was actually pretty cool. We saw cars racing around at 170 mph and then our tour van got on the track, stopped in the middle of the 5% grade turn which we thought would make the bus flip and then sped up to over 70 mph racing around the track with 2 other tour vans. Now I see why they require small children in their car seats for the tour!!! While the tour was fun I don't think it will turn me into a nascar fan - I still can't see watching cars drive in circles for hours on end being fun.

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the sealey family said...

yeah! thanks for the update and pictures! :) looks like you had a great relaxing birthday. and i'm glad you got to go to the retreat!