Friday, August 20, 2010


After a week where Jon left at 5am and didn't get home until 7pm I was pleasantly surprised to find out that is was a 4 day weekend so he didn't have to work today!! This morning Molly and I got up and made some monkey bread and Jon got up while it was baking and took Molly and went on a 3 mile run. After a lazy morning of watching a movie and hanging out we went to On The Border for the best lunch and then took off to South Carolina for some geocaching. We were 9 for 10 today in finding caches - the one failure was my fault but I value my life more than a find. While walking through the cemetery I saw a snake skin then went to the bushes were the cache was hidden and I heard a sound under the leaf covered ground I then high tailed it back to the car and told Jon he was more than welcome to try but I wouldn't come and get him if he got bit - so it was a no find:( The person here puts there caches in tree houses which are pretty fun to find - one today was shaped like and outhouse and had a little person glued to the toilet.

Molly and I waited each day playing outside when Jon would call and tell us he was on is way.
Molly preparing for a day of geocaching - explaining it to her doll.
Ah what a view - this cache is in honor of Moose and Ashley Myers! Jon was retelling the stories they shared about their dating while in college.
Molly contimplating going to St. Andrew's over Baylor but realized the smoothie stories we were telling her about can happen at any college as many a man seems to woo his woman with a smoothie. It worked for both Moose and Jon so I will be keeping an eye out on any guy that offers Molly a smoothie!!!
Turkey Shoot in South Carolina!!

One thing about North Carolina - there is never a shortage of fire ants or cemetaries it seems.

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Bert Burt said...

Great pictures and stories of your adventures. Molly looked very serious sitting on that rock staring off into the distance. I will need to pass along to Conner, Gavin, Rylan, James and Christopher that the way to win a girl's heart is to buy her a smoothie.