Monday, August 30, 2010

DC Visit

Molly and I headed out last Wednesday for a quick visit to friends and family. While with my parents Molly got to do her favorite thing and ride the carousel. She also got about 15 mosquito bites as she helped cheer on BertBurt in his first attempt to coach soccer - I got 20 while being his 6th player at practice. If Upward kept score I know his team would win! On Friday my parents flew out to visit Brian and family who just moved back from Malaysia so I hung out at their house, took Molly to the park and met up with friends at Pentagon Row for some food and fun times:) Jennie, Jessica, Molly and I did the Urban downtown hip thing and ate at a restaurant right down the street from Jennie's new condo then we did the cool old friends thing and went back to Jennie's and ate desserts and talked about the fun times and high school. Saturday Molly and I headed out to West Virginia to see the McPherson's. We had some excitment as a humming bird got in the cabin and it took us all over an hour to get it out. Molly loves being spoiled by Grandmommy and Aunt Jenn - and I love not having to be the only one she gets attention from!! Molly did figure out that if she would sneak over to Grandaddy she could get some sweets from him without any ladies seeing and then get some more from us - we obviously figured this out much later. Sunday we lazed around until Molly's nap time and then hit the road for our 7 hour road trip which she slept 4, played 2 and screamed 1 hour!

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ash! your hair is sooo long!