Monday, August 9, 2010

Picture Update

Molly and Jon enjoying a meal at our new house prior to the packers coming!
Our first attempt at a backyard pool - it went back to Walmart the next night and we got pool #2
Molly helping daddy blow up the pool - how helpful! I was watching laughing and then distracted Molly so Jon could finish blowing it up.
Molly woke up from her nap as the Edible arrangements guy rang the bell to give up our "flowers" It is some good tasting fruit!! As you might tell from Molly's hair she is still adjusting to the hot and humid weather - she wakes up from naps a sopping mess.
Here dad let me help you once again - what would Jon do without two women who can supervise him while he is at home. Maybe that is why he is gone from 5am - 6pm, or maybe this new unit does require that much more??
Before pool #2 gets moved outside Molly uses it as her office.
We have been testing out new parks in the area ever other day - Saturday we took Jon on our adventure and it is a good thing since I picked parks in rougher areas. Molly loves them I just can't stand the heat after too long.
We tried the splash park- you would think a bunch of kids would be there but oh well. Molly not a fan quite yet but we are working on her liking water!

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