Wednesday, April 7, 2010

McP/Roten Visit

This past week we had the McPherson's and Roten's in town and we took them on some fun adventures. We ate, hiked, ate, drove, ate, went sight seeing and ate some more! Molly got some great time with her grandparents and aunt and uncle - with only 1 small one around she was pretty spoiled. Jon and I started the week out with a marriage conference and his parents watched Molly then we picked up the Rotens and hit the ground running. The last few days we just chilled around the house and played games. It was a great visit!!

Geo caching on the Tony Knowles Coastal Trail way with Kaitlin and Thomas

On our hike around the lake we found a random set of bowling pins and ball - so we bowled a few rounds on the mostly frozen lake. Ashley thought it would be a fun adventure to walk from one side of the lake to the other - we found that the warmer days had caused a few spots of the lake to be not as frozen as it used to be.
Strike!! OK more like a split but there were no bumpers.
Thomas setting up for the next person
Thomas and Kaitlin in Talkeenta - we had a view of Denali as the clouds moved.
Molly enjoying the view from Grandmommy's shoulders.
I was a little slack on the camera since Grandaddy had his camera and so did Aunt Kaitlin so we will just have to get a few pictures from them.
Molly and her most favorite person in the world - DADDY! After being gone for a year Molly can not stand her dad to be gone for even a few minutes of her life and she lets it be known each morning as he leaves for work. The video below is what those first 5 minutes are like until I can get her distracted. Then it is out of sight out of mind and she doesn't worry about Jon again until he comes home and she races towards the door as he takes off his boots.

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