Monday, April 12, 2010

We climbed Bear Mountain

*there are 2 posts today - scroll past this one to see Jon's birthday post.
We climbed Bear Mountain. Our friends the Myers live on a lake at the bottom of Bear Mountain and it was decided at Jon's birthday that it would be fun to hike it on Sunday. So at 2pm on Sunday we started the trek up the mountain. They tell us it is a 2 mile hike up the mountain. About 1.5 miles into the hike I was having some questionable thoughts about our sanity and my ability to finish but I DID the first .5 miles down Jon was questioning his ability to get down the mountain without hurting himself or Molly but HE DID. Our group of 4 girls, 2 guys, 2 dogs, 1 preschooler and 1 toddler made the trek in close to 3 hours with no major injuries.

Molly getting ready with a big breakfast - after eating her meal she came and let Jon share his breakfast with her.
Getting ready to start the hike. William and Molly got free rides up the mountain.
Ashley, Jon, Molly, Ashley, Valerie, William, Rachel and Duke - Moose was taking the picture and Titan was probably running around. The hike was hard for the humans but the dogs must have climbed the mountain 3 times each with the amount of running around they did.
We were viewing the Myers house at this point - if it wasn't so foggy there is supposed to be an amazing view.

On the way down instead of walking we sat on our butts and slid most of the way (on purpose) and I must have hit a rock or two and torn my pants. Didn't realize this until we were in the flatter spots and having to walk again - luckily I had on long johns underneath.
Molly and I post hike - some amazing hat head going on here. We are so thankful for adventurous friends who let us join them. I don't think Jon and I would have thought to do this on our own!

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