Sunday, April 18, 2010

We climbed to the star!

We joined our hiking buddies for yet another fun adventure this weekend. William (who is 3) told Valerie last year he wanted to hike to the star overlooking Anchorage so yesterday we put on our hiking boots and went to the star. I called up our friend Tina to see if any of her kids wanted to go with us and we did an even trade - Molly for Olivia. Molly got to stay inside and play and Olivia got the adventure of a lifetime. The hike up was actually pretty nice - I thought the snow was deep and annoying while hiking up but that was before our final descent to the star then I knew what deep snow was. It was a 3.5 mile hike and with Jon's handy dandy Garmin watch I can tell you our pace, how many feet up we climbed, his heart rate and any other detail you could imagine but instead I will just show you pictures!

Early on - here is when I thought the snow was a little deep and annoying b/c my whole foot sunk each time.
Group shot! Vince, Jon, Olivia, Ashley, William and Valerie - Titan is once again running around somewhere so he can hike it 3-4 times when we are done.
Right before the final ascent.
The last push to the star - uncharted walking. We are glad we did not cause an avalanche.
That is right - my entire leg sunk. Too bad it happened at least 80 more times and I started crawling on my hands and knees.
The best part - sledding straight down the mountain and not hiking the regular trail.

Mid April and this is what the mountains around us look like. I don't know what will be the reward for hiking once the snow melts.

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Mandy said...

that's a crazy amount of snow! but pretty awesome :)!I love that he wanted to hike to the star - precious!