Monday, April 12, 2010

Jon's Birthday

This week we celebrated Jon's birthday by going on a family hike and then having a party on Saturday. Here are some pictures of the fun Thunderbird falls Hike and the Mexican food /game night!

Our friend William earned a reward and brought his new racetrack to the party. I don't know who had more fun- the "big boys" or him?
Our snowball fight. It might not have snowed for a week or two but we have had snow in our yards since November so there is always plenty around for a fight or two.
Molly watching the fight from the safety zone - after one near miss we moved her close to the house since she doesn't understand DUCK yet.
Moose and Ashley - coming up with our strategy.

Jon talking to his mom on our hike - Molly is trying to get over to say HI grandmommy but she wasn't allowed off the bench. We were also geocaching which is why he is on the wrong side of the railing.
Molly enjoying the view of the falls and the beautiful weather out. It was a blistery 44 out that day and it really did get hot in the sunny areas.

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Goodies For Our Troops said...

Sorry to be late for Jon's Birthday but send belated Happy Birthday & Happy Year wishes! Your little one sure has grown and it's nice to see pics of all of you!
Please email your home address to; we are trying to get home addresses for vets to send cards from time to time. WE APPRECIATE YOU AND YOUR 24/7 SACRIFICES FOR ALL OF US WHEN JON WAS OVER THERE AND NOW THAT, THANK GOD, HE IS SAFELY HOME OVER HERE!
God bless,