Monday, March 22, 2010

100 caches

Sunday March 21 at 16:20 we found our 100th cache on a hike in Eagle River, AK.Molly and Jon in front of our 100th find!

During our geocaching days we have run into some pretty fun things and this weekend was no exception.
Bullwinkle the moose
and a pot-bellied pig. It was funny to watch the dogs around the pig, at one point there were 6 all smelling it. I know they were thinking bacon!
Why in the world someone would bring a pot-bellied pig to a dog park I will never know. I guess it is because there are no pig parks.
While Jon and I walked back from our 100th find we reminisced about are finds over the years.
Jon's favorite - During a layover in the Atlanta airport we rushed outside of security and found a cache that was one of the coolest pieces of art. We then rushed back to security and got on our flight with a few minutes to spare - this was pre-Molly so we traveled extremely light.
Ashley' favorite - Probably one of our first caches around Baylor at the Harrington house - it was a nano hidden on a pole and it took us forever to find!!

Jon's least favorite - All the ones we have never found. We have probably searched for 200 but we have only found 103.
Ashley's least favorite - We were with the Sealey's on a multi-cache and Lisa and I both got a BAD case of chiggers. We were both on prescription medicine by the end of the week because of that adventure. Why my least favorite : 1. Lisa was none to happy to be drug around in random places and then end up itchy, 2. we didn't find the stupid cache 3. Neither guy got a single bite!! (never did Aniyah who was a few months old at the time but I was glad for her) 4. I was put on steroids for my chiggers.

Molly's thought on geocaching: Mostly we get the look like seriously again why am I with these crazy people as we put her into the carrier and start our hikes.

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