Friday, March 12, 2010

Back to reality

This week has been an amazingly normal week. Jon has gotten up at 5:30 to go to PT everyday and come back for breakfast then gone to work. Nice thing is most people aren't excited about going to work after being deployed so most days he is off by lunch. We have spent our afternoons playing around the house, playing band hero and geocaching. Also since Jon is back we have set up a dinner menu and I have actually cooked this week. Desserts are my favorite but I also make dinner.
Jon and Molly enjoying Grandma Rumbaugh's everything in the cupboard cookies and fruit salad. Word to the wise when you get great-grandma's recipes ask her how she tweaked it. The first two times I made it the salad tasted nothing like hers - minor details like use vanilla instead of banana pudding, don't add marshmallows and bananas but we have gotten it to where we don't have to throw it out. Actually this salad didn't make it 24 hours before Jon and Molly had eaten most of it leaving me only a few spoonfuls.

Bad thing about Grandma's fruit salad - Molly loves to wear as a styling product in her hair - YUCK!

This is what happens when you think you are going out for some nice normal geocaches and it has snowed a bunch. Yes the snow was up past my knee.
Right before the hill below me gave out and I was knee deep in snow
One cache was on a "frozen" lake. My boot went a little low a few times and water seeped up. I guess the lake was not so frozen - glad we didn't drive out on it!
Walking back to the car from the island.
The view from the cache.
Jon found the one on the island.
I found the one at the school.


N.Ward.Designs said...

Um... I can't believe your just wearing a vest and a shirt in the snow!! I wear a coat when it's 60 degrees out side :)

Mandy said...

Praise the Lord for normal!

I noticed the no coat too :) - only I was smiling at how Jon is still in full coat and hat while you have adjsted to the weather enough to be in just a shirt adn vest :).