Monday, March 15, 2010

Our Fun Weekend

We are getting ready for St. Patrick's Day here. Molly has been wearing all her shamrocks and we have partying all weekend long. While sledding Jon sprained his MCL so he is on crutches for a few days.
Molly and Jon relaxing on the ground - notice the crutches in the background!
Molly sporting her shamrocks - she was happy until I took her pen away and I got this face.
Molly getting ready to do some repair work around the house.
Jon and I went geocaching - it was freezing!!! The wind was crazy and it was in the single digits. I was in my waiters because we were walking on mud flats and the ground gave out on us a few times. This was before the sledding injury.
Since Jon came home I have attempted to cook something at least once daily. Saturday's meal - DONUTS!! We had homemade toppings- vanilla, chocolate, cinnamon sugar and powdered sugar
The final product. Molly got the donut holes while Jon and I got the donuts. Notice the amazing plating - I have been watching the food network and learning a few things - I know they would be pleased with star wars and veggie tales plates!!

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