Friday, November 6, 2009

Back in Alaska

Jon left last week to go back for the remaining 4 months of this deployment - we are 2/3 the way throw!! Molly and I flew back to DC for a two night recovery and then headed home to AK. She had been a little cranky and snotty so when we got back we got an appointment with a doctor and found out Molly has a double ear infection. Last night after she got her medicine she crashed unfortunately that was at 6pm and this morning at 6am she was ready to start the day.
Molly and I had a great 6 weeks in the lower 48 visiting friends and family but are glad to be home in our own beds again. Molly is going through a little withdrawal since it is only me in the house with her but we have hung out with friends so she can get the love and attention she is used to.

While in the lower 48 we had some pictures taken of Molly by Jon's sister Kaitlin and then when he came we had another friend take some pictures of all 3 of us together. Here they are for your viewing pleasure.


N.Ward.Designs said...

Wow!! these are beautiful!! It was so great to see you guys!

Tressa said...

What a beautiful family! These are great pics!

So sad I didnt get to talk to you guys at all while you were here! :( At least the other Stricklands got to see/talk with you. :)

2/3 through? I know you guys can knock this last third out!

BLESSINGS and GRACE over the McPhersons!

Connie Dunn said...

Those pictures are AWESOME! Who took the ones of all 3 of y'all?

Kelli's Kaleidoscope said...

Beautiful pictures! I'm so glad you enjoyed your time together! Praying for the next few months to go quickly for you!