Saturday, November 7, 2009

Realities of war

The 425 deployment ceremony

While I know that Jon is deployed to a war zone where people are trying to kill/hurt/get rid of us it has not really effected me in my home life too much. I have gone to some memorials and been truly sad for the families and pray for our soldiers but this week reality struck when a neighbor's husband was severely injured. It is amazing to see the women in our bible study and on our street step up to help out this family. The soldier is being sent to burn unit and his wife is getting to go be with him. Neighbors stepped up to take care of their 2 elementary girls and are trying to make it the best for them as possible while their mom is away helping take care of their dad who they know is really hurt.
Please pray for my friends the T's:
1. Quick and complete healing for the soldier
2. Travel safety while they travel to the burn unit
3. Stability and security for the 2 girls
4. All provisions that are needed while away in the lower 48 away from the girls


Tressa said...

Will be praying friend!

carlisle clan conversation... said...

Praying for your friends...let healing come in Jesus' name!