Monday, November 9, 2009

First Sled of the Season

We finally had enough snow to shovel which means there was enough to sled!!!!! Molly and I joined our neighbors shoveling the driveway this morning and took our sled out for a test run on the driveway. Molly got to sit in the sled bundled up for about 15 minutes until another neighbor came out and held her while we finished up shoveling. Then it was back in the sled for her first ever sled ride.
Doesn't she look like she loves it!! She did at one point I promise.Going in circles - this prepared us for the "big hill" that we went on tonight. We joined the Lewis family for a fun filled sled-a-thon that lasted a whole 20 minutes for Molly until she decided she would rather be back in the house instead of being pulled up and down the hill.
Tina telling Molly sledding secrets. With gloves and mittens on it is very hard to undo the buckle to get Molly out of her sled when she was having a melt down so we had to pick her up sled and all to give her hugs.
Before the sled-a-thon. We came back with rosy red cheeks but no photos of that moment. Molly really is an Alaskan baby, she loves the cold weather.
This is our toy of the month! Our friends the Hick's who have finished with the baby stage gave us one of their boys favorite toys - the leap frog table. Molly can hold herself up while making the table do all sorts of fun things like sing and light up for her. The moment before this photo I promise she was smiling but as I clicked she got a little over confident and started to fall.

Moose have been enjoying the pumpkins around our neighborhood. This one got really close.

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